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You prioritize the health and well-being of your clients and are focused on providing exceptional service. FCB Bank works with healthcare professionals like you to determine the best financial products and services to help you practice function efficiently and on budget.

When you need a financial partner who understands the goals and challenges of running a healthcare practice, FCB Bank has experience and the local expertise.

Check in with your practice

When evaluating what you may need for your business consider the following:

  • How many of your patients pay with a credit card? What challenges have you faced in handling credit card payments?
  • What is the delay between check payments received at your center and availability of funds?
  • How have delays by patients in paying co-pays and deductibles affected your ability to pay your expenses?
  • Do you experience cash shortfalls due to delays in insurance payments?
  • How are you financing equipment purchases, replacements, and upgrades?
  • What plans do you have for office improvements or expansions?
  • What difficulties do you face in paying staff, payroll taxes, and reporting?
  • Are you planning an acquisition or buy-in that would require a significant outlay of capital?

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Need Help Deciding?

There are a lot of options and solutions available for your practice. Any of our community banking office managers or team members would love to learn more about your specific goals and needs.

Located on Thomas Johnson Drive? Our Aspen Ridge community banking office is in the neighborhood!

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Recommended Products & Services

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Equipment Financing

Ensure your practice has the cutting-edge equipment needed to help your clients with low impact on your working capital. From imaging machines to lab technologies to examination tables and more – the right equipment can help you maintain or expand your services. 

Financing Options

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Move or Upgrade Facilities

Outgrown or need to update your current space? A real estate loan can help with everything from cosmetic updates to make your practice more inviting to constructing a new state-of-the-art facility.

Real Estate Loans

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Merchant Services & Cash Management

Ensure timely payment from private insurers and manage payments from patients no matter how they pay. Free up cash flow that would otherwise be stuck in slow collections and offer the convenience of paying with a card.

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Mobile & Online Banking

You’re busy helping your clients, FCB Bank’s mobile and online platforms for business can make it easy for you to access your accounts, make transfers, pay bills, and set alerts on-the-go. Digital banking is convenient, secure, and efficient.

Bank From Anywhere

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ACH Services with Blocks & Filters

Collect recurring payments or make recurring payments quickly and easily. Accelerate and reduce costs of accounts payable, reduce the possibility or check fraud, and create “blocks” to prevent unauthorized activity. Usually provides next-day settlement

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