David Crum

Community Banking Manager

David Crum

David Crum has lived in Frederick his entire life and joined team FCB Bank in 2014. As a community banking manager at our Aspen Ridge location, David works to create a helpful and welcoming environment so clients receive the best possible service. He helps answer questions for clients, processes transactions and manages his team.

Banking local is one of the best ways to help your friends and neighbors. By using a local bank you keep your deposit dollars here in the Frederick area where they can be loaned out to fund new businesses, cars, homes, education, and more. Community banks invest specifically in their area which helps everyone who calls that community home.

Growing up in a farm family, David has a strong connection with the agricultural community and an understanding of its importance.

I like to promote the importance of agriculture and let others know the hard work, dedication, and passion it takes to farm full time. Farmers deserve all the respect in the world.

When not at work or at home, David might be found playing golf at Maple Run Golf Club in Thurmont.

Professional Associations/Certifications

NMLS No. 1503415
Bachelor’s Degree from Towson University
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