Mobile Device Protection Tips

Keep your phone and tablet safe.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, below are some tips you’ll find useful to keep it and the information stored on the device safe and secure.

Tips to Keep Your Mobile Device Safe

  • Secure access to your mobile devices at all times by applying a strong password to your device. Ensure it is set to automatically lock after a short period of time of not being used. Your smartphone or tablet contains a great deal of personal information about you, so it’s important to keep it secure.
  • Never share your mobile device password with anyone.
  • Mobile devices are similar to any other computing device in that they require routine maintenance, software updates and patches. Make sure your mobile device is updated with the latest operating system version and software patches available.
  • Use a good anti-virus software package for your mobile device if available.
  • Do not allow the device to save your mobile banking passwords.
  • Use caution downloading and installing Apps:
    • Only download apps from the approved App Store of the manufacturer.
    • Check the app’s reviews, not just the first ones listed, but look at as many as you can to determine if it is safe to use.
    • Before you download any app on your device, review the privacy policy and understand what specific data the app can access. Make sure that any permission the app asks for are those that you really want to allow. Some apps will ask permissions to functions on your device that could allow undesirable access
  • Don’t use public or unsecured “Wi-Fi” to conduct financial transactions.
  • Be cautious of opening attachments or clicking links in emails, texts, tweets, and social network postings. Don't open attachments or click hyperlinks in an email unless you are sure the sender is someone you know and trust. Even if it is someone you know, if the message seems odd, call them to validate the message before taking action
  • "Jailbreaking" or "Rooting" is a method of "self-hacking" your mobile device. This makes your device more susceptible to malware and other malicious programs. If you use your device for Online Banking, we advise you NOT to jailbreak or root your devices.
  • If your device is lost or stolen and you use online banking, report it to us immediately by calling 1.844.413.5463.

Remember, FCB Bank will never:

  • Call, email or text you asking for your Online Banking password, Wire PIN, token codes, account numbers or debit card numbers. If you receive such a call, email or text message, do NOT give out any information. 
  • Direct you to a website that asks you to update your personal account information. 
  • Send an email to you containing computer software updates.
  • Visit your place of business and request to perform maintenance on your computer. 

Important: If you receive a phone call, email or text message that you question, please take the time to call and ask us to validate the communication before taking any other action. Do not use the contact information provided in the email or text message that you receive. Use the number advertised on our web site or on the back of your debit/credit card so you know you are speaking to us. 

Fraud concerns?

Report fraud immediately.

 1.844.413.5463 - Toll Free

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