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Choosing beneficiaries for retirement benefits

Beneficiary Designations

Selecting beneficiaries for retirement benefits is different from choosing beneficiaries for other assets such as life insurance. With retirement benefits, you need to know the impact of income...

FCB Bank hosted a Shred Event


FCB Bank is committed to the communities in which we live, work and play. Below is a wrap-up of our community pride for the year 2021. 
(photo above) In 2021, our team enjoyed...

Retirement Wish List

Prioritizing your retirement

As you approach your retirement years, it’s helpful to envision what this special time might look like and how you will fill your days. Understandably, for many of us, financial resources are...

Buyer’s Protection and Extended Warranty

Making a major purchase?

Making a major purchase? This is a great time to take advantage of the Buyer’s Protection and Extended Warranty benefits available with Advantage Rewards Checking...

Year-End Charitable Giving

Tax benefits associated with charitable giving

With the holiday season upon us and the end of the year approaching, we pause to give thanks for our blessings and the people in our lives. It is also a time when charitable giving often comes to...

Opening your first account can be done in person or online

Building a Banking Relationship

Thinking of opening your first bank account? Here’s what you need to know.

If you don’t have a bank account, you are not alone. 7.1 million U.S. households don’t have a banking...