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Retirement Planning

Six Retirement Savings Strategies

You may have heard the cliché "time just flies by". For many people, it seems as if they will never make it to retirement. Yet, in the blink of an eye, this season of life always arrives. Will you...

Farm Credit

How Can Beginning Farmers Build Credit?

A good credit score is invaluable for young adults aspiring to be farmers. A solid credit foundation is essential when applying for a loan to purchase a piece of equipment or your first farm....

Debit Card Safety at ATM

Tips to Keep Your Debit Card Safe

Using a debit card to get cash or pay for purchases is a convenience that many of us value. Unfortunately, criminals value it too, and they do what they can to steal people’s card information. You...

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Just Another Day in the Life of and Ag Lender

Andrea Foore, our Agribusiness Lending Officer, agreed to “farm sit” for friends while they were away. On a recent very cold morning, Andrea awoke to temperatures of zero degrees. Andrea went to...

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Flat tire? Car won’t start? It happens to all of us. It can be inconvenient or downright scary. Rest easy knowing that FCB Bank has you covered.  One of the wonderful benefits of having an...

Tips to Avoid Fraud During Tax Season

I can’t think of a better time than Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week – January 28 through February 1 – to help educate local residents about how to reduce the risk that you or someone you know...