UVC Air Purification now in Community Banking offices

Protecting Customers and Employees With Clean Air

Clean air

Posted on Apr 21, 2021

FCB Bank continues to focus on ways to protect customers and employees during the pandemic.  To create an even safer environment to serve our shared communities, a major step has been taken this month regarding indoor air quality.  New air purification systems are now installed in all Community Banking Offices and the ACNB Corporation Operations Center. These units use a UVC germicidal lamp that purifies the air by reducing or inactivating harmful germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses, including coronavirus.

How does it work?

UVC Air Purification DeviceThe Field Controls UV-Aire® Air Purifier is designed to emit powerful UVC band light rays that sterilize and reduce airborne microorganisms as they pass through the heating or air conditioning system.  These devices were installed in the main supply or return duct and operate continuously to automatically purify the air in the office 24 hours a day. The UV-Aire unit uses technology that is recommended by doctors who state that “ultraviolet radiation, properly integrated with heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, shows the most promise as a widely applicable means of air disinfection.”

These new systems, combined with our protective barriers and sanitation practices, will provide multiple layers of protection during the pandemic and beyond.