Employee Spotlight: Get to know Alisa Stesch

Alisa Stesch, Community Banking Manager

Alisa Stesch

Posted on Aug 22, 2022

1. What is your FCB Bank story? 

I started at the bank nearly 4 years ago in November of 2018 as a Community Banking Specialist 1 in the College Square office. In December of 2019, thanks to my awesome colleagues, I was nominated for, and received, a “You Make a Difference Award”.  In October of 2020, I was promoted to Community Banking Manager 1 for our Aspen Ridge office in the FCB Region, and in January of 2022, I was promoted to Community Banking Manager 2 for the Aspen Ridge and Walkersville offices. My career with the bank has been a great journey.

Prior to working at this bank, I had a 27-year history in banking and investments. Once I reached “a certain age” I decided it was time to re-evaluate my stressful career tied directly to the stock market and my 3-hour round trip daily commute, so I started looking at various bank positions closer to home when I discovered there was an opening for desk person at a branch that was 4 minutes from my driveway – I felt like that was a big sign telling me this was the perfect next step for me, and I still feel this way!

2. What do you love about working here?

The family feeling of our teams as well as management. That we are a part of something important and our efforts every day make a difference to our customers and each other. From the moment that I walked into my first interview at the Gettysburg Operations Center with Carolyn Dull and Lisa Monthley, there was an easiness in speaking with them, like I had known them for a while. It was such a friendly and good conversation - I already felt connected even before receiving an offer. Also, once I started working here, I couldn’t believe how accessible and responsive management is. If I ever had an issue, I have always felt comfortable going to my direct manager, or if need be, someone higher up.

3. What activities do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

I enjoy representing the bank at our various sponsorships and events, and try to volunteer as often as possible. Outside of work, I have a side baking business, Grandma’s Oven. I’ve been baking all of my life, but I officially started my baking business in 2017. Baking is a true passion of mine – I find it very rewarding and almost therapeutic. I have worked hard to build my customer base the last 5 years, and I am fortunate enough that I now have a very faithful following of customers that keep me quite busy most nights and weekends to the point that I actually cannot accept all of the order requests I receive.

I am also a big animal lover! In the past I worked with animal rescue “Recycled Love” where I became a foster failure time and time again, and have a couple of cats, and one dog, that I couldn’t say good bye to. I am not as active these days with my baking and banking careers, but I stay connected as rescuing/finding homes for animals in need is very important to me.

4. Why should people bank at a community bank?

In my 4 years of working here at the bank, I have created countless relationships with our customers. Not just about banking, but personally. I know them, their families, their health, their financial situations, both good and bad. I have customers that come in for a small transaction and leave 30 minutes later because they wanted updates on the latest news. I also have people confide in me with their financial situations, and ask for guidance on a loan or other need, which we can evaluate and look for options they might not know about. If they are turned down for a loan, but I feel there is a good and valid reason for the loan to be approved, I can take it to management for review, or make sure the lenders know the full story – have all the necessary information/documentation to reconsider. I have heard so many times from our customers that they don’t receive the personal touch at other banks, that they are just an account number, but we give our customers extra attention and actually take the time to find solutions for them.

Another reason to bank at a community bank is that these banks support the local community, either through donations to a good cause, or fundraisers and sponsorships. We can support our customers, or their businesses, in the very same communities, where they live and where the needs are.

5. What are some of your favorite local activities or restaurants? 

My baking business, Grandma’s Oven as previously mentioned, and also, I am a ping pong champ! I have been playing ping pong for nearly 50 years, since I was old enough to hold a paddle – it’s second nature to me. I can’t say I am as good now as I once was, but I’m always up for a challenge! More recently, my fiancé Dean and I have started playing pickle ball, which I love, but still have a way to go to feel as confident in my skills as I do about ping pong. Some of my favorite restaurants are Maxwell’s in Frederick for their burgers, and shakes, Tio Pepe’s in Baltimore (the best Dover sole with bananas, shrimp and garlic, and pine nut roll), Liberatore’s in Westminster, Fratelli’s in Hampstead, Island Green in Westminster (their crab cakes are fantastic and priced reasonably), and any snowball stand on a hot summer day!