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Dave Mack and Dave Noffsinger in front of a drill

Posted on Apr 12, 2021

When D&D Drilling needs financing for their machinery and support for their projects, owners Dave Mack and Dave Noffsinger know they can count on FCB Bank and lender Harry Weetenkamp.

As a community bank, we’re committed to local businesses and can take on projects of all sizes.

Every business has a story—this one starts with a question.

“What do you know about distance directional drilling?”

Dave Noffsinger was already in the drilling industry when he met Dave Mack at the swim club where their children trained. He asked Mack what he knew about directional drilling.

Having moved to the Frederick area from the UK with a background working in a theatre box office and as an actor, Mack’s answer was, “I had never heard of the industry.”

But with Noffsinger’s experience and Mack’s operational and finance skills, they launched D&D Drilling in December 1999. They have since grown the company to nearly 40 employees and manage multiple teams and project sites across the region.

D&D Drilling has a vision of the future where all power is underground

The process of directional drilling is critical for infrastructure improvement, utility maintenance, and regional growth. D&D Drilling works to relocate power, cable, and other lines from poles to underground.

“We directional drill (horizontally) to install electric cables on a daily basis throughout Maryland. We are passionate about getting all power underground. No more poles is the way of the future,” said Mack.

D&D Drilling has ongoing projects with Baltimore Gas & Electric, other utilities, and also work on large projects for commercial companies like Amazon. On any given day they may have as many as 8-9 active projects.

Big projects require planning, skill, and a little flexibility

In more than 20 years of business, D&D Drilling has worked on a number of big projects in Maryland.

“We can install anything from 2 inch to 36-inch ducts. Our largest projects included drilling under the Alex Haley statue in Annapolis, the Chesapeake Bay, Patapsco River and Stoney Creek,” said Mack.

Each project presents a different set of challenges that require the team to plan, execute, and adapt.

With the Annapolis project, D&D Drilling had to navigate proximity to heavy salt water, environmental sensitivity needs with the Bay, limited access, existing buried utilities, and a location with historic significance and high tourist traffic.

After pivoting their approach to meet conditions, D&D Drilling was able to successfully relocate unsightly lines and poles. This created the unobstructed views of the waterfront that the city wanted.

Working with FCB Bank: the community banking difference

From financing big machinery to their day-to-day banking needs, D&D Drilling know they can count on FCB Bank.

“We cannot recommend highly enough the service and guidance we have received from being with a community bank. You are not just a name or account number. You are treated like family,” said Mack.

With a community bank like FCB Bank, decisions are made locally and we are committed to serving our community.

“We have been very fortunate to have a relationship with Harry Weetenkamp from the beginning. He underwrote our first SBA loan in 1999. We could not have grown and flourished without his guidance and help over the years.”

FCB Bank’s commercial lenders specialize in helping local businesses find the services they need to meet their goals. Our team can help with equipment loans, construction loans, commercial real estate, and more.

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