Cell Phone Protection

Rest Easy Knowing Your Phone is Covered

Phone Protection

Posted on May 08, 2019

It can happen in an instant. Your smartphone slips from your hand as you try to make a call. You watch helplessly as it falls, as if in slow motion, toward the ground. You brace yourself and hope your phone doesn’t break, but your touch screen becomes a web of cracks. 

We depend on our phones for business and keeping in touch with friends and family. We can’t afford to be without our phones, yet they are so expensive to replace…fortunately, there is an easy solution.

If you pay your cell phone bill with your Advantage Rewards Checking account, cell phone protection is included!  If your phone is broken or stolen, we’ll pay to have it repaired or replaced, up to $600 per claim (maximum of $1,200 per year). 

Since life happens and cell phones break, you can’t afford to be without this coverage. Simply open an Advantage Rewards Checking Account to take advantage of this benefit, as well as the other benefits such as roadside assistance, ID theft aid, and shopping, dining and travel deals.

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