Prestige Advance

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An unsecured line of credit designed for high net worth individuals. Interest is assessed only on the amount you use. Payments are interest-only payments during the line’s term, although you may make payments to the principal anytime.

Ways to Apply

For People Who…

  • Have need of a $25,000 or more credit line.
  • Want the comfort of no collateral.


  • Quick Approval.1
  • No collateral is required
  • Interest is assessed only on the amount you use.


  • Prestige Advance has a minimum credit line amount of $25,000.
  • Payments are interest-only during the line’s term.
  • To offer the convenience of interest-only payments, there is an annual fee of $50. 

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1. Funds are transferred from Prestige Advance to the overdrawn account automatically in $100 increments. It is the last source of funds for Overdraft Protection if there are also deposit accounts linked to the overdrawn account for Overdraft Protection. Interest begins to accrue on the line once the funds have transferred to the overdrawn account.