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Take advantage of lower interest rates to potentially lower your payment or tap the equity in your home.

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Why should I refinance?

Save money today by refinancing.

  • Reduce interest and term of your loan.
  • Consolidate your debt.
  • Access equity in your home for improvements.
  • Little or no out of pocket costs.

Mortgage Options

Plenty of options to get the plan that best fits you.

  • Fixed and Adjustable Rates.
  • Investments & Second Homes.
  • Up to 30 year terms available.

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Documents for Application:

Below is a list of documents needed for application.

  •     Sales or construction agreement
  •     If construction project, plans and specifications
  •     Copy of deed, including legal description
  •     Paystub from last two payroll periods
  •     Last two years of federal tax returns with W-2's
  • If self-employed:           
    • Personal and business federal returns from two tax years  
    • Current profit & loss statement and current balance sheet
  • Deposit account statements from last two months
  • Names, addresses and account numbers for creditors, banks, and investment firms

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