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Online Banking Safety, Awareness and Protection


Occurrences of account takeover, fraud and identity theft have increased significantly in recent years. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated methods (malware, spyware, phishing, key logging, man-in-the-browser) to obtain access to accounts and create fraudulent transactions out of these accounts. Phishing and malware attacks have more than doubled recently resulting in potential losses exceeding $1 billion and they are occurring locally.

As a user of online banking services that include sensitive financial information and login credentials, and may also include higher risk transactions such as wire transfers and ACH origination (which allow funds to be transferred out of accounts to third parties) we want you to be aware of these possibilities and offer you the greatest protection of your assets and identity. While we constantly strive to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information on our networks and services offered, we cannot ensure the protection on your computers in accessing this information, which is where many of these attacks originate.

At FCB, we offer you several features and controls that can help you manage your accounts, protect your funds, maintain confidentiality of your information/identity and mitigate the risks of fraud.

We encourage you to utilize them:

General and Sign-on Controls

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Business/Personal Computer Controls


Transaction Limits

Online Banking Activity Review

Please see your Business Online Banking Agreement, Online Banking Agreement, Bill Pay Agreement, Mobile Banking Agreement and your account Terms & Conditions for a description of your responsibilities and the extent of the FCB’s liability regarding unauthorized transactions using online banking services.

At FCB, we are committed to protecting your information, however it is critical that you also be aware of the risks present, implement various controls to minimize the risks and actively monitor your accounts for any potential fraud. If you ever feel your online profile, accounts or identity have been compromised, or you receive an unsolicited request for any information, please contact us immediately at 301-620-1400.

We appreciate your business and want to work closely with you to protect what is yours!!

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