Loans & Lines of Credit*

Get the Funds You Need

When you’re dealing with unexpected expenses, preparing to purchase or renovate your home, or want to consolidate your balances, FCB Bank can help with a loan or line of credit. There are many different reasons for borrowing money and FCB Bank has a wide selection of loan products with flexible terms and competitive interest rates to fit your needs.

Find the Right Solution

The right loan or line of credit can help you finance your project or consolidate your debt. Explore your borrowing options below and find what works for you. Need help? Call or visit any of the FCB Bank community banking offices to speak with our team.

What is a Loan?

A loan is a one-time lump sum that you borrow for a specific project or purpose. The terms of the loan dictate the interest, payment schedule, and details.

What is a Line of Credit?

A line of credit is flexible and often ongoing. Like a credit card, a Line of Credit allows you to access all or a portion up to your credit limit. 

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CD & Savings Secured Loans

Use your FCB Bank CD or savings account as security for a loam.

Marketable Securities Loan

A marketable securities loan is a flexible option where loans are secured by marketable securities. Borrowing with this type of loan may help you access cash while not disrupting your investments.

Personal Line of Credit

You’ll be approved for a specific amount and can access the funds over time up to that amount. Unlike a loan, you’ll pay interest on only what you use. 

Use a Personal Line of Credit

  • To pay for ongoing projects or contractors for home improvements
  • For personal and household emergencies

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Cash on hand

An installment loan or personal line of credit can provide a bit of financial flexibility in your life, whether it’s for personal emergencies, higher education, debt consolidation, or a big purchase. 

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Personal Loans

A personal loan can help you afford a big project or purchase, or just provide a little financial help when you need it. 

Use a Personal Loan to 

  • Consolidate other debt. Sometimes it can be beneficial to consolidate your debt into one personal loan. This translates to one, predictable monthly payment.
  • Personal emergencies. Life happens. Personal emergencies may require a large amount of cash very quickly. A personal loan can help make ends meet when it comes to hospital bills or funeral costs.
  • Home renovations and maintenance. In circumstances where a HELOC may not be appropriate, a personal loan can help you finance a new appliance, minor updates or renovations, and repairs. 

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Vehicle Loans

A vehicle loan is secured by the vehicle you are purchasing or refinancing. Use a vehicle loan to purchase a new or used vehicle, RV, or motorcycle.

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*All FCB Bank loan products are subject to underwriting and credit approval. There is no prepayment penalty for consumer loans and lines of credit.