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Get the Funds You Need

When you’re dealing with unexpected expenses, preparing to purchase or renovate your home, or want to consolidate your balances, Frederick County Bank can help with a loan or line of credit. There are many different reasons for borrowing money and FCB has a wide selection of loan products with flexible terms and competitive interest rates to fit your needs.

Find the Right Solution

The right loan or line of credit can help you finance your project or consolidate your debt. Explore your borrowing options below and find what works for you. Need help? Call or visit any of the FCB bank centers to speak with our team.

What is a Loan?

A loan is a one-time lump sum that you borrow for a specific project or purpose. The terms of the loan dictate the interest, payment schedule, and details.

What is a Line of Credit?

A line of credit is flexible and often ongoing. Like a credit card, a Line of Credit allows you to access all or a portion up to your credit limit. 

Purchase, Renovate or Construct Your Dream Home

When you’re ready to buy, build, update, or refinance, FCB can provide the financing solutions you need to construct or purchase the right home for you.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

A Fixed Rate Mortgage is one of the most popular home loan products. With a fixed-rate, you’ll have predictable monthly payments for the entire term of the loan. Contact us or complete an online application to begin the qualifying process.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARMs)

With Adjustable Rate Mortgage, the interest rate on your loan goes up or down based on the current market. If you’re interested in an ARM contact us or complete an online application to begin the qualifying process.

Portfolio Balloon Mortgage

A Balloon mortgage has an amortization of up to 30-years but the interest rate is Fixed for a specific term. Once that term is matured, the loan is due for renewal.

Lot Loans

Use a lot loan to purchase land for future construction

Construction Loans

A construction loan can be used to finance the building of a home or structure. A construction loan can help manage expenses.

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Renovate Your Dream Home

We know that a dream home is more than a house. FCB can provide the financing solutions you need to upgrade or repair your home. Make your home work for you by using the existing equity in your primary residence to establish a Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Fixed

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Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) allows you to borrow money from your home to pay for planned and unplanned expenses. Access your funds by writing a check, using FCB’s online banking service to transfer funds to your FCB checking account, or obtain a cash advance at any FCB bank center. A HELOC has a variable interest rate with no annual fee and offers flexibility.

FCB offers competitive rates and there are no closing costs** to open a HELOC.

Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan

With a Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan, you borrow only the amount you need and know exactly what the payment is for the term of the loan. You’ll also receive a discounted rate when you enroll in automatic payments from your FCB checking or savings account. A Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan offers predictability.

Use a HELOC or Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan to

  • Renovate or update your home
    • Improve your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, and more
    • Make repairs to old pluming, heating & air, your roof
  • Purchase a vehicle
  • Medical expenses
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Investment
  • Education
  • Other important cash needs

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Cash on hand

An installment loan or personal line of credit can provide a bit of financial flexibility in your life, whether it’s for personal emergencies, higher education, debt consolidation, or a big purchase. 

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Personal Loans

A personal loan can help you afford a big project or purchase, or just provide a little financial help when you need it. Frederick County Bank offers both secured and unsecured simple-interest loans for a variety of purposes. 

Use a Personal Loan to 

  • Consolidate other debt. Sometimes it can be beneficial to consolidate your debt into one personal loan. This translates to one, predictable monthly payment.
  • Personal emergencies. Life happens. Personal emergencies may require a large amount of cash very quickly. A personal loan can help make ends meet when it comes to hospital bills, a job loss, or funeral costs.
  • Home renovations and maintenance. In circumstances where a HELOC may not be appropriate, a personal loan can help you finance a new appliance, minor updates or renovations, and repairs. 

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Ready Reserve Personal Line of Credit

This personal line of credit is a loan that functions like a credit card. You’ll be approved for a specific amount and can access the funds over time up to that amount. Unlike a loan, you’ll pay interest on only what you use. As a Frederick County Bank customer, your unsecured personal revolving line of credit is tied to your checking account through FCB’s Ready Reserve program. Our Ready Reserve program helps protect you from overdraft complications and charges. When you’re approved for a Ready Reserve plan you can enjoy a bit more peace of mind. 

Use a Personal Line of Credit

  • To pay for ongoing projects or contractors for home improvements
  • For automated overdraft protection or as a check-activated line of credit when you need extra cash.
  • If you have irregular income, like freelance work, a line of credit can help cover bills while you wait for payment
  • For personal and household emergencies

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Vehicle Loans

A vehicle loan is secured by the vehicle you are purchasing or refinancing. Vehicle loans from FCB are fixed rate and you’ll enjoy a discounted rate when you enroll in automatic payments from your FCB checking or savings account. Use a vehicle loan to purchase a new or used vehicle, boat, RV, or motorcycle.

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More Options

FCB Credit Card

Personal Credit Card

FCB offers credit cards for qualified individuals. A personal credit card allows you to finance purchases on credit, and pay the amount owed at a later date. We offer VISA® Complete Rewards Cards for borrowers who enjoy earning rewards on their purchases; Platinum Edition cards if you are looking for a great rate; and Secured Cards to establish or improve your credit.

Apply Online

(please note our bank number to apply is F44)

CD & Savings Secured Loans

Use your FCB CD or savings account as security for a loan or line of credit. 

Marketable Securities Loan

A marketable securities loan is a flexible option where loans are secured by marketable securities. Borrowing with this type of loan may help you access cash while not disrupting your investments.

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Frederick County Bank Mortgage Loan Originators are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry in accordance with the SAFE Act. For information on the registration process visit the NMLS Resource Center or visit the NMLS Consumer Access website to search.

*All FCB loan products are subject to underwriting and credit approval. There is no prepayment penalty for consumer loans and lines of credit.
**FCB postpones the closing costs provided the credit limit does not exceed $100,000. If the line is closed within three years of settlement, the customer must reimburse FCB for closing costs. The customer must also agree to a one-time payment of the recordation tax at settlement.

Please note: Frederick County Bank's trade area is primarily Frederick County, Maryland.