The Story of Glory - More than Dough

August 30, 2018
The Story of Glory - More than Dough

Every Business Has a Story

It’s always a good sign when you walk into a restaurant and the owners are eating and enjoying their own food. When we met Alissa and Keirsten Straiter the day of the photoshoot (after Glory had already been open all day and they had been at work for nearly 10 hours) we found them enjoying some of the “props”. 

It Started With a Love of Dough

One of the first things you experience at Glory Dough & Diner is the sugary aroma. The smell of dough and frosting mixing with freshly brewed coffee is part nostalgia and part magic. It was similar experiences as a kid that started the whole journey for Alissa.

“I used to go get doughnuts with my dad … and I’d eat the whole dozen myself”
-Alissa Straiter

Alissa had been working in the foodservice industry but it was Keirsten who had been baking since she was young. When they met, they knew they wanted to open a restaurant that served the Vegan community.

“We knew we wanted to be plant-based and so we asked ourselves what kinds of foods we missed eating. Alissa’s favorite food is doughnuts and all of a sudden we thought let’s do doughnuts.”
-Keirsten Straiter

Keirsten Straiter in pass through window

Keirsten's Favorite Flavor: French Toast

Alissa Straiter in front of doughnut case

Alissa's Favorite Flavor: Salted Earl Grey

Down Home, Home Grown – with Local Support

Once they had the idea for Glory there was still a lot of hard work ahead of them. Alissa and Keirsten started up “bottom dollar” and operated out of a borrowed commercial kitchen at a church on Court Street. The team would bring in their supplies at night, bake, and then pack it all out again in the morning.

Without a storefront, they started by selling their treats at farmers markets, pop-up events, at Frederick in the Streets, and through local business partners like Cakes to Die For and Cafe Nola. Their following and their company was built on a grassroots beginning that has continued to grow and expand with them.

We love this community. We grew up here and we knew we wanted to work with people who get it.


When they opened their store at 244 E. Church Street their fans were quick to follow – and on weekends, the line would wrap around the corner with people waiting to try their doughnuts.

Early to Rise

The morning starts a bit earlier at Glory than at other businesses. Each night Alissa and Keirsten leave instructions for the baking team about what flavors and items need to be prepared. Then the bakers arrive every morning at 2:00 a.m. to get everything rolling. Alissa or Keirsten are usually in by 4:00 a.m. and the shop is open and selling by 7:00.

Wondering how they keep the energy high while most people are still in bed? If you’re a fan on social media you’ll already know the answer – “Baking Jams”. The Glory team listens to everything from Diana Ross and The Supremes to Tom Petty, Prince to Fall Out Boy while working on the day’s treats.  

More than Dough

After expanding their kitchen and dining area, Glory Doughnuts officially transformed into Glory Dough & Diner. The Glory team is now serving up an all-day menu of delicious doughnuts, breakfast, and lunch items.

Everything on the menu is vegan and inspired by a sense of Americana. The quintessential Americana item? The Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast – which is served up with an entire slice of Keirsten’s homemade apple pie.

Burger and home fries

Crusty french toast with a whole apple pie slice in between
Toasted breakfast sandwich
Stack of pancakes with syrup and orange slices on top

FCB  Doughnut Days

Sometimes community partnerships are extra sweet! FCB and Glory Doughnuts put together a collaboration benefiting Heartly House. the FCB whole cherry pie inspired doughnut helped our community with every bite. How did it work? For every FCB sold we made a dough-nation equal to the purchase price. In fact, this promotion was so popular our partners over at Postern Agency decided to join the match. Together, with the help of our hungry and supportive community, we raised $1,190 for Heartly House.

The FCB Doughnut

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