More than Bankers - An Accountant + Artist

July 3, 2018
More than Bankers - An Accountant + Artist

FCB is more than a bank – and our team members are more than bankers! Get to know Team FCB through the More than Bankers series.

Have you met Kirby?

It’s probably not a good idea to be too creative when it comes to accounting and balancing finances. For Kirby Evans, an accountant here at FCB, when it comes to getting creative, he turns to painting. Kirby has been painting scenes inspired by Frederick and his own imagination since early 2017. Recently, his work was featured on the cover of Intersections: A short story anthology from the Frederick Writers' Salon.

“My friend is married to one of the writers, Anna O’Brien, and showed her my paintings on Facebook.  Anna liked what she saw, and she wanted a cover for the writers’ new book, contacted me, and I volunteered my services.”

- Kirby Evans, FCB Staff Accountant

The anthology contains several short stories set during a First Saturday event in Downtown Frederick, and they each include plot points and characters where the stories intersect. The members of the Frederick Writers' Salon held several meetings to coordinate their stories, and Kirby was inspired by their rough drafts when he chose to paint the Baker Park Bell Tower.

Kirby holding his original cover art in front of the baker park inspiration

Kirby holds the original painting of the Baker Park Bell Tower that was used to create the cover for Intersections.

From Accounting to Art

Kirby began painting in April 2017 after earning his Certified Public Accountant license. His paintings combine stylized natural elements with more realistically detailed subjects such as buildings. Many of his landscapes include his distinctly expressive skies, which are filled with layers of clouds. He paints in the impressionist style, meaning that he tries to capture his impression of a scene rather than focusing on photorealism, so his paintings include textural brushstrokes that suggest the appearance of stone, leaves, and sunlight. In “Bell Tower in Baker Park”, Kirby gets creative with perspective and composition so that his painting reflects the way people see the Bell Tower, surrounded by lamp posts and trees, rather than just copying the view from a specific spot in the park.

Pictures of kirby's art titled “Autumn Farm,” “Hard-Boiled Detective,” “Bell Tower in Baker Park”, “Bonfire,”  “The Weathered Door,” and “Good Old-Fashioned Hockey”

Clockwise: “Autumn Farm,” “Hard-Boiled Detective,” “Bell Tower in Baker Park”, “Bonfire,”  “The Weathered Door,” and “Good Old-Fashioned Hockey”

Finding Intersections & Getting Involved

Intersections contains short stories by local writers J. J. Maxwell, Suz Thackston, Tisdale Flannery, Anna O'Brien, Anna O'Keefe, James Allnutt, Charmaine Weston, D. M. Domosea, Dale A. Grove, Amanda Linehan, A. Francis Raymond, and Edwin Stanfield.

“First Saturday in Frederick, Maryland. A time and place not where anything can happen but does happen. Join twelve writers as they reveal the hidden stories of seemingly ordinary people and things whose lives intersect in downtown Frederick, Maryland: A woman with a peculiar necklace hides a secret in its stones; a group of young airmen ponder relationships and escape routes; a new driver tests her mettle behind the wheel of an old station wagon; a lost cat evades death; a lost dog may lead his owner to it; a young girl follows a ghostly melody; Karma is dispatched on a mission; travelers arrive from another time; visitors come from another world. Chances are you've crossed paths with such strangers and have never borne them much thought before. Perhaps now, you will.” Intersections

Cover of Intersections in front of yellow flowers

Intersections: A short story anthology from the Frederick Writers' Salon can be purchased in paperback at the Curious Iguana, or online in either paperback or digital on Amazon. If you are interested in writing fiction, you can join the Frederick Writers Salon on their Meetup page.