FCB Courier Car Gets Second Chance

January 5, 2018
FCB Courier Car Gets Second Chance

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Second Chances Garage is all about helping those in need gain access to affordable, reliable transportation to break the cycle of poverty.

“When people have access to a working vehicle they aren’t dependent on finding work along a bus route. It saves them time and provides freedom. With a car they can pick up their kids from activities or school and not spend as much time waiting for or riding the bus.” John Frawley,  SCG Chairman of the Board

So when one of our FCB Business Courier Cars was ready for a new life, we knew we wanted to donate it to Second Chances Garage. As a community bank, we believe that together we can make a difference and build a thriving local community.

“A big part of community banking is supporting local businesses and organizations. Frederick County Bank is committed to volunteering with, supporting, and promoting Frederick-based businesses.” Marty Lapera, FCB President & CEO

Our Car’s New Life

After a good life on the road helping local businesses with their banking, the FCB Courier Car was ready to start another journey helping someone in need. Cars donated to Second Chances Garage are thoroughly inspected by their mechanics and designated as a “Program Car” or a car for sale to the public. Sale cars help cover expenses and keep costs low for the families while program cars are sold to those in need for $500.

As a program car, the FCB Courier Car will be cleaned up and tuned up and then sold to someone who needs affordable and reliable transportation. To be eligible for a program car an individual must have a job and have $500 to purchase the car.

We have some great memories with our car but we’re happy to see it go to someone who will love it as much as we did.  Corey Dorsey hugs the car goodbye

“It’s great that Second Chances Garage was able to take our car and provide it to a family in need. Supporting organizations that have this kind of impact in Frederick is a core part of what makes FCB a great community bank. We’re happy that we got to be a part of the Second Chances story in this way.”
Corey Dorsey, FCB Contact Center Manager & Security Officer

How Second Chances Garage is Making a Difference

The goal of Second Chances Garage is to get usable vehicles back in service for those who might otherwise be unable to own a vehicle. Not only do they provide affordable program cars for those in need, they also provide a Reduced-Cost Auto Repair Program to fix and service vehicles. In many cases, economically vulnerable individuals can afford a vehicle but not the cost of repairs. The repair program allows SCG to repair vehicles for roughly half the price of a traditional garage.

In 2017 Second Chances Garage repaired almost 900 cars and with their new expansion expect to increase that number to nearly 1500 this year.

With the exception of their mechanics, the entire organization is run by volunteers. Founder Rick Trawrick wanted to make sure the organization was focused on providing resources to those in need and reinvesting in the program and community.

Second Chances Garage

Get Involved

Second Chances Garage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with plenty of opportunities to support their mission. Here’s how you can help Second Chances Garage provide affordable transportation to those in need:

Donate a Vehicle

Every car, no matter the mileage or condition, is valuable to Second Chances Garage. Low-mileage cars are great for program cars, high mileage vehicles can be refurbished for sale, and other vehicles can be used for parts and then recycled. According to their website, more than 90% of all proceeds from donated cars are invested back into the program. In 2017, 235 cars were donated to Second Chances.

Learn more about donating your car.

Say Hello

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FCB Business Courier Car

About the Business Courier Service

The FCB Business Courier Service provides door-to-door service between your business and Frederick County Bank. We pick up your non-cash deposits for processing while you stay focused on your business. It’s great for businesses such as doctors, dentists, and business professionals that receive a lot of checks. It’s also beneficial for small businesses or businesses with limited time and personnel but high deposit volume. We know you’re busy, why not let us save you a trip to the bank?

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