Lock Your Cards

Lock and Unlock Your Cards Anytime

Control how, where, and when your cards are used using your mobile device and the FCB Bank mobile app. Turn your card on or off with the touch of a button. That’s peace of mind!

Peace of Mind All in One App

 red lock with FCB Bank logoLock & Unlock Your Card

If you’ve ever had a moment of panic when you notice your card is missing, this app is for you. You have the ability to quickly turn your FCB Bank card on or off using your mobile device. When you find your card again, just toggle it back on using the same app. 

Shopping BagReview Transactions & Set Controls

See where your card has been used and check in with your spending. You can also set controls and alerts for when you  shop in-store, online, or with your phone. Rest easy when you set spending limits, select geographic locations where the card can be used, and create alerts.

cell phone with FCB Bank logo on screenAlerts Within Minutes

Get notified of account activity within minutes of your card being used. Set mobile alerts to send notifications at the time of purchase. Not only can you see when your purchase is processed, you can catch suspicious activity as soon as it happens. 

multiple locks on a fenceAdd Multiple Cards

Monitor and review purchases from your card and any card linked to your account. That means you can check in on your cards, your children’s cards, and more.

Set up your cards

Phone screen showing the more menu of FCB app

1. Open Card Controls

Launch the FCB Bank mobile app, then select the “More” menu in the bottom right corner and tap “Card Controls”

Animated Gif showing add card option in upper right corner

2. Add Your Cards

Select the Add Cards option and choose the card that you want to use

phone screen showing location, transaction, merchant, and threshold control toggles

3. Set Controls

Use the options on the “Details” page to lock/unlock your card, set location controls, restrict transaction and merchant types, or set transaction limits.

Phone screen showing alerts module of app

4. Choose Your Alerts

Update your notification preferences to alert you when your card is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my card is active or locked?
Within the mobile app you’ll see a toggle switch that indicates if your card is “enabled” or locked. Green means you’re active.

What is a real-time alert?
Typically alerts will arrive within seconds but can take a few minutes. You can set alert preferences for your payment transactions, activity types, and by location.

Why would I want to lock by location?
Most of us do our spending within a radius of where we live. By blocking your activity by location you can prevent potential fraudulent activity from other places in the country and internationally.

Will my app automatically update when I receive a new card?
You’ll need to enter your new card number into the app. This can be done through the manage account settings. It’s a good idea to deactivate and delete your old card from your app to avoid confusion.

I’m getting double alerts and notifications, why is that?
FCB Bank recently integrated SecurLock into our app. If you were previously using the standalone SecurLock app to monitor your cards, it’s possible you have two notifications set. The FCB Bank contact center is happy to delete your old profile and notifications – call 301-620-1400 or email support@fcbmd.com

I am unable to use the FCB Bank mobile app, is there any way I can protect my cards?
Although the FCB Bank mobile app is the easiest way to use lock/unlock and other features for your FCB Bank accounts you can also use the SecurLock standalone app. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download.