Benefits of Community Banking

Where You Bank Matters

Where you choose to bank matters. It’s your voice on what’s important to you and an opportunity to be part of a larger movement with a big impact. When you bank locally, you are investing in the success and prosperity of our community, just like when you shop at local stores, buy local produce and foods, and support local nonprofits.

How does it work? Every bank invests in something. Community banks like ours invest in the local economy through things like small business loans and helping families purchase homes. Here are just a few of the benefits of #bankinglocally.

Spires in Downtown FrederickDecisions are made locally

Most of the Frederick County Bank team lives in Frederick County. When a decision is made on a loan or service, it’s made by people who know and love Frederick. We believe in honest and fair decisions because the people we serve are our neighbors, friends, and families.

Bridge on Carroll CreekCommunity banks want what’s good
for the community

What’s good for the community is often good for a community bank. Without a strong economy, community banks would not exist. We’re connected and devoted to Frederick and work hard to ensure that we have a vibrant and successful region.

phone with fcb logo on screenCompetitive Products & Services

Even though community banks tend to be smaller, we still provide the great products and services larger banks do. Peer-to-Peer payments through your mobile app? We’ve got it. Online banking and bill pay? That too. 

Bridge on Carroll CreekYour money grows the Frederick economy

When you bank locally, your money helps entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and expand (without having to do anything!). In turn, small businesses create jobs, provide services, and keep our community vibrant and interesting.

FCB in red circle with website and more than a bank textRelationship Banking

Banks can be more than a utility and a place to keep your money. As a community bank we work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you manage your finances. We’re also great at connecting people, so ask your banker if they have recommendations or referrals for anything from financial planners to restaurants.

The Orchard

How we #goLocal

We believe in supporting local businesses and individuals! Every Wednesday we post a #goLocal photo on our Instagram.
We love to try all the amazing Frederick flavors, shop in the stores, and try new experiences throughout the County. Follow along on our adventures, say hello, and send us your our recommendations, and join the fun.

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How We Give Back

We believe in being more than a bank and helping the community. Our team volunteers and supports local organizations like Blessings in a Backpack, SHIP of Frederick County, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Humane Society, Rotary, the Community Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Frederick Partnership, Woman-to-Woman Mentoring, and more!

How FCB Gives Back