Cash Management &
Merchant Processing

Better Manage Your Time & Money

Effectively managing your cash flow is a key component to successfully navigating your business’ financial well-being. From collection to disbursement, transfer to investment, there are a lot of opportunities for you to streamline your process. A strong banking relationship can help you determine the products and services you need to establish the right cash management pathway and help you free up more time to spend on your core business.

Many small businesses face the same cash flow issues. Did you know1:

  • 61% of small businesses regularly struggle with cash flow
  • 69% of U.S. Small Business Owners have been kept up at night by concerns about cash flow
  • More than half of small business owners have lost $10,000 or more by forgoing a project or sale as a result of poor cash flow
  • Nearly a third have been unable to either pay vendors, loans, or themselves or employees as a result
  • A third of owners estimate their company currently has more than $20,000 in outstanding receivables

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Common Terms

There can be a lot of lingo when it comes to banking. Visit our page of common industry terms to break down what everything means.

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Sell & Collect Payments

Your customers have a range of payment options available and you want to process transactions quickly. Explore options for point of sale, mobile payment, and direct payment. Then, get the money you earn into your account and working for you. The FCB Business Courier Service, CCX, and Mobile Capture solutions are all designed to make this part of the cash flow cycle easy and efficient.

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Customer Payment Options

With new and evolving technologies your customers expect convenient and up-to-date methods of payment.

FCB’s merchant processing services enable you to accept credit and debit cards (including EMV® which stands for Europay Mastercard Visa), electronic check conversion, electronic benefit transfer acceptance, and gift cards, as well as options for mobile wallet payments like ApplePay.

  • Consolidated bank statements and reporting
  • Competitive rates
  • credit card acceptance of all types, including face-to-face transaction, internet sales, and mobile payments
  • The most up-to-date equipment technology available for purchase

Learn more about credit card payment solutions

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Direct Payment (via ACH)*

A direct payment is an electronic payment from a client, consumer, or donor checking or savings account directly to your company or charitable organization’s account.

Direct payment solutions help reduce paper checks, strengthen the security of your payments, and same-day ACH options allow you to send and receive payments faster. It can also help reduce billing costs.

Commercial Capture Xpress (CCX)

Also called Remote Deposit Capture, CCX allows you to make check deposits without a trip to the bank. Your business can capture checks electronically using a scanner and transmit the images electronically over an encrypted connection to FCB for deposit. All you need is a computer with high-speed internet, FCB will provide options for a scanner. 

Business Night Depository

Drop off your business deposits after hours at any Frederick County Bank location for processing during the next business day. Bank on your schedule with the peace-of-mind of FCB.

Mobile Capture

Take a picture of a check using your smartphone for deposit into your commercial account. 

Learn more about Business Mobile & Online Banking.

Cash Concentration (via ACH)*

If you have multiple locations and accounts a Cash Concentration solution can help you concentrate funds to a central bank account at Frederick County Bank. This is particularly helpful as balances can be transferred from local banks serving your locations to one central FCB Business Account.

ACH Account Block

Prevent fraudulent and unauthorized ACH activity from posting to your business activity. With ACH Block you can choose your level of protection depending on your business needs.

  • Block All: Enables you to block all incoming ACH debits and credits
  • Single Item: Allows you to authorize a single transaction by providing the company identification information and transaction amount to be verified by FCB.
  • Authorized: permits transactions that occur on a regular basis and creates an authorized user list with pre-defined filters.

Positive Pay

Review, detect, and make decisions on your checks before they are paid. Positive Pay helps you reduce your risk of becoming a target for fraudulent activity. You provide information electronically about all check you have issued and FCB validates all checks presented for payment against your list. Any checks presented that have not been issued or do not match the details you submitted are submitted for your review via Business Online Banking.

FCB Checking & Savings

Our Cash Management and Merchant Processing solutions are built to integrate well with FCB Checking and FCB Savings accounts. See how a complete financial partnership with Frederick County Bank can help your business thrive and grow.

FCB Mobile & Online Banking

Track, manage, and review your funds from anywhere using the FCB Mobile & Online banking services. If you’re like most business owners we know, you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind of being able to check in on your funds at any time. Learn more about our Mobile & Online Banking platforms that include features like transaction information, stop payments, ACH*, and Wire Origination.

Payments & Disbursements

Streamline the process of paying your employees, vendors, and tax obligations using a variety of disbursement solutions like direct deposit, corporate payments, prepaid cards, and wire origination.

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VISA® Business Credit Card

A Business Credit Card through FCB provides a wide range of benefits and competitive introductory rates with your choice of rewards programs. A business credit card can help improve expense reporting, reduce requisitions and reimbursement timeframes, and increase employee satisfaction with the purchasing process. Explore card types.

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BizNOW – Employee Expense Management & Payment Card

Approve, purchase, report! With BizNOW your employees will have their own cards to make purchases and an app to request funds, save their receipts, and categorize expenses. No need for reimbursement forms, hunting down missing documents, and paper archives – everything is saved and at your fingertips. This is an easy employee expense management tool. Explore the BizNOW features.

Wire Origination

A wire is an easy way to make a same-day transfer of funds directly to another account. WIres are secure and can be sent domestically or internationally. They also take immediate effect once they are processed.


*These products may require credit approval. Some exclusions may apply. Contact FCB's Commercial Banking department at 301-620-1400 for more information.
**Investments are NOT deposits and are not FDIC-Insured or insured by any federal government agency. There is no bank guarantee and funds may decrease in value.