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A Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan gives you the chance to obtain lending with more flexibility than a conventional business loan. SBA loans often mean extended financing terms, lower payments, and better cash flow, as well as less money down and perhaps little or no collateral.

What is an SBA Loan? It is a loan that is partially backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency. Because these loans are guaranteed by the government, we are often able to provide you with easier qualification, extended terms, and lower down payments than a conventional loan.

    What can I use an SBA Loan for?

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    To Expand or Acquire
    A SBA Loan may be able to help you expand your current business, open additional locations, or for business acquisitions including financing goodwill on extended terms.

    For Land & Buildings
    You may be able to buy your current location (owner-occupied) or expand to a new building or site. Complete leaseholder improvements on extended financing terms

    Buy Inventory & Equipment
    Finance equipment or acquire inventory. Great for financing big, infrequent purchases like manufacturing equipment and industry-specific items.

    Working Capital & Debt Refinancing
    Finance the everyday operations of your business or refinance your debt with a more attractive loan. 

    An FCB Bank SBA Loan may be a Good Fit if:

    • Your business is in or near Frederick, MD
    • You are a for-profit business
    • Do business in the United States
    • Have invested equity
    • Are considered a Small Business
    • Your business is ready to grow and expand

    Benefits to Borrowers

    • Ability to secure financing on terms and conditions not otherwise available
    • Capitalize fees into loan
    • Extended term permanent financing
    • Maximize cash flow
    • Minimum down payment of 10%

    Find the Right SBA Loan Program

    There are several different options within the SBA program and our lenders can help you determine which loan is right for your business. Below are three of the most common programs:

      SBA Express

      Loans up to $350,000

      • Support business operation
      • Short-term working capital
      SBA Loan 7A Program

      Loans from $350,000 – $5 million

      • Purchase equipment or inventory
      • Purchase owner-occupied commercial real estate
      • Finance construction or renovation
      • Permanent working capital
      • Refinance debt
      SBA 504 Program

      Loans up to $5.5 Million

      • Acquisition of long-term fixed assets
      • Purchase equipment or inventory with a useful life of at least 10 years
      • Refinance loan-term fixed asset debt*
      • Finance working capital
      • Reduce energy consumption
      • Upgrade to renewable energy resources

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